Table Tennis

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Mick Cox
After a good scrutiny of the auction sheets i can report that Mick Cox managed to get probably the best value for money squad in the comp, with a no nonsense set of bids he bagged; Steve Devereux, Doug Rodwell and Mary Silverton, This Captain leaves nothing to chance and will have even picked Mary’s outfits for each match, this is one of the teams to watch this year.
Alan Spencer 
New to the club and thrown completely in at the deep end, came out of the auction not only with a great team name – Samba 5, but with the bonus 5 man squad option; Alan Spencer, Mike Wade, Bob Parish, Alan Lidmila and Simon Shotton. if he can get the best out of the Shrink and Roty then they will be a team in contention. 
Derek Elmhirst 
He only just got away with a very obscure bidding strategy namely the Hungarian Reverse Fishing Bid in the first round, that is where he went ‘fishing’ after pot 3 players first with very small bids, then the next round he came back to pot 2 players to try and land, as it turned out the only pot 2 player available Mark, but he nearly came unstuck as both he and Nigel tried to get him with 12m and a lugworm, - the spin of a coin and the size of derek’s lugworms deciding the outcome! you were bloody lucky Derek!!! this team looks like they have a a good chance in the Quads but personal bests will be much needed in some of the tougher tests, with minimal points leakages!! full team; Derek Elmhirst Mark Cox Frank Hanson and MIke Schofield.
Nigel Devereux,  
It is rumoured Sega based their computer game ‘Bass Fishing ‘on this capt, and what a night he had – he was ‘squeezed’ twice, took to his bed for an hour with an attack of the vapours, and fished for England first round bagging a whopper using a 600k float and ledger bid, landing a 164lb  Neil Lancaster a record for any club and probably the county, and i’m sure it will stay in the Wolds record books for many many years, he was very unlucky with his very next cast not to catch a migrating 154lb Markus Coxii, – but rival fisherman D. Elmhirst very luckily cast into the same stretch of river at the very same time and hooked the beauty right from under nigel’s nose. unlucky though he was trying to land the markus coxii after his 1st round catch, Nigel can rightly claim the title ‘The Fisher-King’ as his moniker for as long as his fishing record holds. This team has a very strong top end which will take some beating, the lower end players will need marshalling well to provide the much needed lower end points for the team to be in with a good shout. full team Nigel Devereux, Neil Lancaster, Brian Lovely, and Ricky Nicholls.
Rick Kirby,
i believe Rick is the only Captain to have secured all his first option bids, and puts that down to ‘never underestimating having a man on the inside’!!! only joking nigel! Statto went for the 1st round fishing bid option and managed to get Tom Wilkinson at a seriously knock down price this provided extra funds later on to buy Dave Middlehurst outbidding 3 other bids for him, Derek Baker or as i like to call him (our man on the inside) completes the team line up, this looks a ‘solid team which could sparkle’ (N Devereux). 
Steve Mason.
Well Steve helped the Quads organisers tremendously well to ramp up the excitment to a fever pitch with his 1 hour delayed arrival at Mason Villas, but once in his favourite armchair and connected to his laptop, this Captain showed his bidding skills, going after and getting 2 very fancied players in the comp, namely Tony Lascelles and Jake Tomlinson, then finishing off with a 1st free pick after getting squeezed to bag Philip Sharpe, all in enough time to watch Salvage Hunters. This team could be the one to watch.
Wolds Table Tennis Club
A positive tsunami of new members has hit the shores of the Wolds Table Tennis Club in the last few weeks with no fewer than 7 new players joining our ranks, and another 2 expected in the following week/s. So a warm welcome to Lee, Ricky, Jake, Sam, Louis, Tony, and Clayton who are settling in well and giving some of the established players a good run for their money, the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have been bursting at their seams in the last few weeks, making for some excellent, dynamic evenings of table tennis.


Lodgers make themselves at home
…and then run amok at Wolds HQ
A GREAT night of top class TT… a wonderful display of attacking TT… and a massacre of Little Big Horn proportions.
The annual ‘friendly’ between a WTTC select team of Bryn Tyler (club coach), Paul Emmerson, Mick Cox and Nigel Devereux took on Lodgers A, the team which finished runner-up in the high-quality Boston & District TT League.
The match is now in its second year and is organised to give WTTC’s elite a damned good thrash (and thrashing, as it turned out) against top class players, while Lodgers treat it as a serious warm up before their new season begins.
In 2013, it was WTTC which won the inaugural event 6-4, so the Boston boys were out for revenge.
The format this time around was 16 singles (round robin) plus as many doubles as time would permit; this turned out to be four matches.
So, a total of 20 points on offer and after a fantastic session of table tennis it was Lodgers who ran out worthy 15-5 winners.
In truth, the Boston lads – Kelvin Clements, Mark Hulme, Tim Day and Graham Lacey – were a class above as a team, despite the brave WTTC quartet displaying some top skills of their own.
Although many of the set scores were close it was Lodgers’ extra pace, spin, slice, nous, and experience which won out; indeed, 13 of the 16 singles were won by a 3-0 scoreline, overwhelmingly by the Boston lads.
The speed of the rallies was breath-taking at times, with some of the winners and defensive shots drawing continual applause from a packed auditorium.
Indeed, the doubles matches were particularly enjoyable to watch and play in – full of caution, respect… and then opening up into fast-paced rallies… much food for thought!
For the record, Kelvin was undefeated all evening, the number two ranked Boston league player winning all of his six matches in great style.
Mark won three singles and two doubles; Graham won three singles and a doubles; and Tim took 2 singles and a doubles.
For WTTC, they were indebted to Bryn, who won three singles and a doubles; and Paul picked up a singles and doubles win. Despite trading with the best of them – and going oh so close in several sets – Mick and Nigel didn’t register a point, such was the standard of play.
Special mention to Kelvin who took the prized scalp of Bryn 3-2 after losing to him last year 3-0.
The players of both sides were very appreciative of all the umpiring, scoring, and support from the sidelines – Rick Kirby, Steve Devereux, Derek Elmhirst and Mike Schofield… take a bow!
This is the only ‘nod’ that WTTC gives to league table tennis, but despite giving the home team a major headache during the night, another match up will be taking place in 12 months’ time.

WRYDER CUP: The waiting is almost over… not the golf extravaganza, but WTTC’s own version of the world famous event. Captains Mary Silverton and Karen Ward are both busy studying player listings, form guides, ranking sheets and their astrologers in preparation to picking their respective sides. We expect a puff of white smoke sometime during w/c Monday 15th. The match will involve 24 players (two teams of 12), a mixture of doubles and singles, and based on last year’s edge-of-the-seat cliff-hanger (Steve M’s team beat Steve D’s team after a tie break) should be a thrill a minute! The match takes place on Tuesday, September 23. Please be at the club for 6.30pm (6.45pm start) when all will be explained.
FANTASY DOUBLES: The much talked about FD has been postponed until October 31 due to recent membership upheavals. It is very much the plan to kickstart the competition in November, once the membership has settled down and stabilised! From the original line up in May, 4 members have left the club while Ian Willson has had to drop out due to persistent back problems. It was therefore felt best to postpone things for a while. Watch this space for further news.
WTTC v BRITISH YOUTH SQUAD: Plans are still afoot for a WTTC ‘select’ team to travel to Grantham in October for a match against the cream of British youth at Grantham College. The squad is based there and boasts some of the finest young talent in the country. WTTC will be taking six players and a limited number of guests. The bonus is…after we have been put through our paces (euphemism for ‘thrashed’) the college’s catering school is preparing a ‘feast’ for everyone – should be a cracking evening. Again, watch this space.
NEW SESSION FORMAT: We are now two months into the new monthly session format. Based on the results of the summer questionnaire, we hope the variety of ‘free’ nights, dedicated singles, competitions etc (over the 4 weekly sessions) is working and that they are providing ‘something for everyone’. The format was also designed to stop things getting ‘too serious’, which had become the case a few months ago. We now think a good balance has been struck between those who like a bit of a competitive edge (rankings/competitions) and the more social player. Please let Nigel, Rick or Derek have your feedback on how you think it’s going.
ETTA RANKINGS: The rankings have been full of ‘movers and shakers’ during the past few weeks and I will be doing a monthly review of the matches, starting at the end of the month. This will be a brief, light-hearted (yet serious!) summing up of which players have climbed the ladder (so to speak). The results are also very useful in formulating competitions and giving more balanced matches between the players. Me, Rick and Derek feel the rankings have now ‘melted’ into the background somewhat (which was our intention) but, again, some players love them so it’s important they have that little bit of ‘edge’ to their game!
SURROUND BOARDS: What a great idea and what a great purchase! The netting had/has become something of a thorny issue and the feeling persists it could pose a danger to players. Also, we were all getting fed up of retrieving the ball all the time (this has been reduced dramatically with the introduction of the boards). The plan is to buy two more to finish the job. The netting will then be used to just hang slightly over the top of the boards…bingo!
FIRST AIDERS: Are there any trained first aiders out there? If so, please let yourself be known to Rick, Nigel or Derek. This appeal comes on the back of Simon Shotton taking a rather nasty fall recently and banging his head. Although Nurse Ward and Nurse Silverton tended to his every need, it did raise a concern over H&S.
LIGHTING: There is still an issue with one of the lights at the toilet end of the hall. Derek and Rick are working on solutions… watch this space!
COACHING: Paul Emmerson’s Thursday night coaching is (as ever) proving very popular with a regular band of about 6/7 players. The sessions will run until the end of October. Paul covers a range of skills and tailors his teaching to each individual player and style. The 15/20 minute slots are free and there is always room for more players. The Sunday coaching with Bryn is still on hold due to lack of numbers. We hope to set this up again in the future.
Finally….SUMMER AWARDS EVENING: Footnote: 
Following an unsavoury incident at our Summer Awards evening on July 20, I sent a letter of complaint to both the individual involved and the parish council which he is a member of. 
To sum up, Peter Hughes, a parish councillor and villager, refused to leave the bar area when asked by Rick Kirby – even though he knew and had been told ours was a private function.
An altercation took place outside the pub and Mr Hughes eventually left the area. 
As a result, the police interviewed Rick, Derek Baker and Mr Hughes and decided to take no further action – this followed a complaint by Mr Hughes that he had been assaulted., an allegation which was proven to be untrue.
I decided to write a letter of complaint to both Mr Hughes and the parish council expressing my disgust over his actions, and invited a response from both. Indeed, Derek hand-delivered a copy of the letter to Mr Hughes’ house. I have yet to receive a reply from Mr Hughes, but the parish council fully investigated my complaint and wrote me an excellent letter, in which it is obvious they fully investigated the matter and took my complaint very seriously.
The upshot is that the council feel it’s a private matter between individuals and that Mr Hughes was not representing the council. I 100% agree with their assessment and understand their position. However, they did point out that they were not condoning his actions at all. 
As a result WTTC will be taking no further action.

SUMMER AWARDS EVENING: Sunday, June 22 is a date for your diary – Wolds Table Tennis Club’s annual Summer Awards Evening. The Blue Bell, Belchford will be playing host to members (and several guests, if numbers allow) with the fun starting at 7pm (for 7.30pm). Darren and his team will be cooking up a fish ‘n’ chip special (£5 members; £8 guests). Please let Nigel know ASAP if you would like to attend; if you want food; and if you would like to bring a guest (first come./first served). At the moment there is a limit on numbers but should there be a big interest we may have the venue to ourselves – make your mind up ASAP please. The awards to be handed out are: Triples winners/runners-up; Star Performer of the Triples; Spirit of the Club Award (see separate sheet). 
SUMMER COACHING: Paul Emmerson – WTTC number one ranked singles player and accredited/qualified coach – will be restarting his summer coaching ‘surgeries’ on Thursday, June 12. They will run through until the end of October – only a handful of Thursdays will be unavailable (either the hall not available or Paul having other commitments). The coaching is open to everyone ,with priority given to ‘improvers’. Paul’s tips and help were greatly welcomed last year and the nights proved very popular… no need to book in advance – just turn up and grab a 20-minute slot!
SERVING LEGALLY: Following a few ‘demonstrations’ at club nights, every player should now be fully aware of how to serve within the rules of the game. As said previously, we are not about to disqualify people or be utterly ‘fascist’ about it, but we feel it is very important to get ALL players serving legally. We hope you agree this is the right thing to do. See Rick’s article on the website for further clarity. Also, speak to Nigel, Rick, Paul, Derek E, Derek B for more clarification if needed.
QUESTIONNAIRES: We have had about 10 questionnaires filled in and returned – the survey is already producing some excellent ideas and suggestions. For those who haven’t returned the questionnaire please do so by June 5 – it’s YOUR club and your views matter. Once the deadline passes, Nigel, Derek and Rick will evaluate the survey and put a plan into action. This will be circulated to all members for their feedback. Any ‘new’ ideas (competitions, ETTA rankings structure, future projects) will be rubber stamped and taken forward from July 1.
TRIPLES 2014: The 2014 Triples competition is almost concluded – it finishes on Tuesday, May 27. Congratulations to Double Happiness (Steve Mason, Rick Kirby, Frank Hanson, Brian Cannon, Simon Shotton) who have lifted the trophy with a match to spare. The runners-up spot is a three-way battle between Stiga, Butterfly and Destroyer (see Triples page for team details and the exciting state of play!).
TRIPLES 2015: Breaking News!!! It has been decided to hold TWO leagues for 2015 – the Premiership will have the top 12 ranked players; the Championship will have 15 lower-ranked players. Closer matches, more exciting matches, and a chance for all players to get involved. More details later in the year.
FANTASY DOUBLES: This brand new and exciting event begins on June 1. There is no rush to complete your 12 matches – the event takes place over 12 months!! It should be a crackerjack – and if it’s half as enjoyable as the recent auction night we should all be in for some big laughs and top TT action. It would be really helpful if all players involved contact their captains regarding which nights they are available to play (plus Sunday??), so matches can start to be arranged. Captains might well consider playing both fixtures (home and away) on the same night, especially if they fall a little behind the schedule; one game per month is the guideline but NOT set in stone.
ILLNESS AND INJURY: Over the past few months a few players have not enjoyed the best of health but, we are glad to report, are now back on the mend. Steve Devereux is fast brushing off some post-Xmas rustiness after a lengthy stay in hospital; Mike Schofield’s shoulder operation has gone well and he should return in July; Mick Cox’s recurring knee problem is being sorted and an operation is on the cards; William Nuttall continues to do very well in his on-going treatment for cancer; and Alan Lidmila is taking things easy after a heart operation. It will be great to see these players in full swing in the near future.
HALL LIGHTS: No, we know, they are not good! Derek is in contact with the suppliers and (fingers crossed) something should be sorted in the near future.
HARVEST SUPPER and QUIZ: Plans are in the pipeline for a bumper fun night sometime in August. Nigel, Rick and Derek think it would be great to ‘lay on’ a FREE night of entertainment for members, friends and specially invited villagers. There will be food, a quiz (teams of 4 or 5) and a raffle to raise funds for a worthy cause – not WTTC!! Nothing has been decided yet but watch this space as they say.