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Welcome to  - The  Wolds Table Tennis Club

The Wolds Table Tennis Club was formed in 2010 and is based at Belchford village hall in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
It was founded by Derek Baker (treasurer) and Rick Kirby; Nigel Devereux is the current club secretary. From its original membership of 10 the club has grown to a membership of around 35 players.
The club attracts a diverse cross-section of table tennis players; from rusty club players to ex-league/county/national players, and from all parts of the county, (as far afield as Mablethorpe and Lincoln).
The ages of the players range from 15 to 83.
At present, WTTC holds four club sessions a week, where we play friendlies, run doubles and singles competitions, coach/train improvers, have friendlies with other clubs, and run our own very successful in-house leagues… and most sessions this is all followed by an optional pint or two in the Bluebell Inn.
We try as a club to maintain the right balance between the social and competitive sides of our club, by having regular club dinners and awards nights, and holding occasional sponsored events for charities and fundraising evenings, such as race nights.
Our aim for 2014 is to keep attracting players – it would be nice to add a few more female players. But please note we don’t accept complete beginners 

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WTTC 5 Lodgers A (Boston) 15

Full report  on News page.

Wryder Cup teams chosen 

– who’s your money on?


By Nigel ‘Dr Evil’ Devereux

So…. all the bluster, all the blarney, all the bol*ocks will have been spent come 7pm Tuesday, September 23 and the phoney ‘war of words’ will be replaced by action.
The two skippers – Mary ‘The Edge’ Silverton and Karen ‘Rocky’ Ward - picked the two teams over a glass or five of Chablis on Wednesday… and to this scribe the teams look very evenly matched.


Karen's Magnificent Black Knights

Mick Cox, Rick Kirby, Neil Lancaster, Derek Elmhirst, Tom Wilkinson, Mike Wade, Frank Hanson, Derek Baker, Karen Ward (c), Dave Middlehurst, Lesley Devereux, Simon Shotton


Mary's Magic Red Raiders

Paul Emmerson, Nigel Devereux, Steve Mason, Steve Devereux, Mark Cox, Bob Parish, Doug Rodwell, Ben Kirby, Mary Silverton (c), Nigel Ormond, Mike Schofield, Phil Sharpe


Much will depend on pairings, match up of styles, and a little bit of lady luck in the draw.
One thing’s for certain – I don’t envy the task facing the two captains.

Players are asked to be at the club for 6.45pm (the village hall will be open from 6.30) for a prompt 7pm start.

The format will be explained in full on the night.


For what it’s worth… my prediction is 2pts in it either way and a cracking night full of skill, tension, tears, laughs and fun…


… but who will be cracking open the bubbly come 10pm???



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Its that time already and the Wryder Cup is upon us, Tuesday 23rd September is the chosen date and Mary and Karen are the Captains hoping to win the Trophy and Champers, we will be asking all members for their availability to play on that night very shortly, please make the effort to take part, the success of the competition depends on you. Last year’s Wryder Cup was a storming success with the Competition going down to the wire, this year we are hoping to get 12 players per side for even more drama. 7pm prompt start time.


Why not check out some of our Club action :- See below

Paul Emmerson v Nigel Devereux

Premiership Singles Final

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPoBWyVwUco (Preview)
Any other Wolds Table Tennis Club videos can be found on both:

and www.youtube.com – just type in Capspread on the search tab.