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Welcome to  - The  Wolds Table Tennis Club

The Wolds Table Tennis Club was formed in 2010 and is based at Belchford village hall in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
It was founded by Derek Baker (treasurer) and Rick Kirby; Nigel Devereux is the current club secretary. From its original membership of 10 the club has grown to a membership of around 35 players.
The club attracts a diverse cross-section of table tennis players; from rusty club players to ex-league/county/national players, and from all parts of the county, (as far afield as Mablethorpe and Lincoln).
The ages of the players range from 15 to 83.
At present, WTTC holds four club sessions a week, where we play friendlies, run doubles and singles competitions, coach/train improvers, have friendlies with other clubs, and run our own very successful in-house leagues… and most sessions this is all followed by an optional pint or two in the Bluebell Inn.
We try as a club to maintain the right balance between the social and competitive sides of our club, by having regular club dinners and awards nights, and holding occasional sponsored events for charities and fundraising evenings, such as race nights.
Our aim for 2015 is to keep attracting players – it would be nice to add a few more female players. But please note we don’t accept complete beginners 

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Breaking News
Quads 2015
Latest Quads match results
Sunday, July 12:
Dave Middlehurst (Flashing Blades) 3 Philip Sharpe (Quads In) 0

Tuesday, July 21:
Derek Elmhirst (King Kong Ping Pongs) 3 Tony Lascelles (Quads In) 2
Bob Parish (Samba 5) 3 Doug Rodwell (Roxon) 1
Mary Silverton (Roxon) 3 Bob Parish (Samba 5) 0
Doug Rodwell (Roxon) 3 Simon Shotton (Samba 5) 0
Bob Parish/Simon Shotton (Samba 5) 3 Mary Silverton/Doug Rodwell (Roxon) 2

QUADS 2015/2016
Competition Dates

Please find below dates each month when Quads games will be played

Matches (singles/doubles) to be arranged dependent on who turns up

Dates shown only for remainder of 2015 – organisers will then reassess state of competition for remaining fixtures (Jan-March 31, 2016)

First half fixtures (ie: 15 fixtures – play each other once) to be played before second half begins.

Nigel and Derek E to help organise matches and collate results etc, but please take the responsibility to get at least 2 singles and 2 doubles matches (MAXIMUM of 3 each per month) played each month on dates below

Sunday 12th; Tuesday 21st; Monday 27th; Thursday 30th

Thursday 6th; Monday 17th; Sunday 23rd; Tuesday 25th

Tuesday 8th; Monday 14th; Sunday 20th; Thursday 24th

Sunday 4th; Tuesday 6th; Thursday 15th; Monday 19th

Thursday 5th; Sunday 8th; Tuesday 17th; Monday 23rd

Tuesday 1st; Monday 7th; Sunday 13th; Thursday 17th

NB: Monday session is still invitation only for top ranked players at the club

See Quads section for team details

Why not check out some of our Club action :- See below

Paul Emmerson v Nigel Devereux

Premiership Singles Final

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPoBWyVwUco (Preview)
Any other Wolds Table Tennis Club videos can be found on both:

and www.youtube.com – just type in Capspread on the search tab.