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Welcome to  - The  Wolds Table Tennis Club

The Wolds Table Tennis Club was formed in 2010 and is based at Belchford village hall in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
It was founded by Derek Baker (treasurer) and Rick Kirby; Nigel Devereux is the current club secretary. From its original membership of 10 the club has grown to a membership of around 35 players.
The club attracts a diverse cross-section of table tennis players; from rusty club players to ex-league/county/national players, and from all parts of the county, (as far afield as Mablethorpe and Lincoln).
The ages of the players range from 15 to 83.
At present, WTTC holds four club sessions a week, where we play friendlies, run doubles and singles competitions, coach/train improvers, have friendlies with other clubs, and run our own very successful in-house leagues… and most sessions this is all followed by an optional pint or two in the Bluebell Inn.
We try as a club to maintain the right balance between the social and competitive sides of our club, by having regular club dinners and awards nights, and holding occasional sponsored events for charities and fundraising evenings, such as race nights.
Our aim for 2015 is to keep attracting players – it would be nice to add a few more female players. But please note we don’t accept complete beginners 

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The teams are chosen for the upcoming Quads.

See dedicated page for how the bidding went.

Is your team quids in with the Quads?

LAST Wednesday was possibly the most tense evening in the history of WTTC.
Six nervous captains weighing up their options, biting finger nails, submitting million pound bids (or in some cases cheeky 100 grands) and waiting… waiting… waiting…Oh God, the waiting….
Then ‘ping’ – an email had landed.
“YES” or “bugger”…or in Steve Mason’s case time to log on again and see what I have to do now!
Brilliant fun (fun?) and a real nerve-shredder…Devereux and Kirby exchanged so many emails that MI6 were starting to monitor things.
Firstly, hats off to Derek Baker who had the onerous task of deciphering the bids, working out ‘who had got who’ and who needed ‘free picks’; his kitchen floor resembled Black Wednesday at the Stock Exchange with all the paper flying about. He then had to contend with two skippers losing contact with ‘Houston’ and the whole mission was nearly aborted; but it landed safely back in WTTC orbit at about 10.30pm.
So, at the end of the day. What was the outcome?

Captains (Mick, Alan S, Nigel, Rick, Derek E and Steve M) had to take part in three rounds of secret bidding. They could bid for three players per round. They could nominate whoever they wished from any pot.
They all had ‘millions’ to spend with Mick (as the highest rated player) having £15.5m and Derek E/Steve M (as the lowest ranked players) having the maximum £20m.
There appeared to be three strategies employed:
Fishing – skippers bidding ridiculously low amounts to try and ‘hook’ a big one, safe in the knowledge they could still snaffle a ‘whopper’ on a free pick, and then piling in for Round Two.
Reverse – going in with a £2/£3m bid in Round One (possibly under the radar ‘steal’) and then piling in for Round Two.
Full on – no messing…£10m…give us the player now!
Mick played a pretty straight hand – he was quite happy with ‘solid’ players from each pot. And he got them.
Alan was not messing around either – straight in with big bids for Tony and Mike W (he got the latter)
Rick went ‘reverse’ with a dash of ‘fishing’ – he reeled in a  good ‘un…or three
Nigel decided to put a fly on, get the flask out, put a couple of rod rests in the bank, light up… and wait patiently.
Derek E – same as Nigel but with a bit of Rick thrown in
Steve M – steady as she goes

When Nigel ‘landed’ Neil Lancaster for £480k there were cheers and car door slamming all the way down Boston Road.. get the bunting out Lesley, I’ve cracked it. But wait a minute… he then piled in with £12m for Mark, £12m for Jake and £10m for Bob…can’t fail surely? Yes it did – he lost Mark on the toss of a coin to Derek E and the others went west…but Nigel still picked up Brian Lovely on a ‘free’ for about £9m…. a good consolation prize.
So, with two rounds gone who had left the most money to pick up the top prizes in Pot 4? - as it happened all the Pot 4 players were left until the final round.
Again, Nigel went ‘all in’ with just over £7m for Dave M, Mary and Ricky and waited for the news he had picked up one of the first two (no disrespect to Ricky, but Dave and Mary look more capable of winning quite a few singles at this stage in their careers)…what he hadn’t realised (or could not have known) was that Rick had £300k more to spend and pippedhim to Dave, while wily old Mick nabbed Mary. Still, Ricky has a lot of improvement in him so who knows??

Did every captain get the players they most wanted? Possibly not
Is every captain happy with their team? Possibly so, all things considered

The initial reaction from most WTTC players is we have atournament that should be very close, with six well matchedteams.
All have strengths and weaknesses, with the top end match ups (Players 1 and 2) looking particularly fierce.
However, most shrewd observers feel the tournament will be won and lost in the doubles. Who will work as a pairing? Are the styles too similar? Who will raise their game? 
Over the next 9 months or so we will find out…

For Dr Evil’s take on things and an in-depth look at the teamssee separate article on the dedicated Quads tab.



 Please get your name down for the awards night at the Blue Bell Belchford.

                                          March 22nd 7pm

We will be presenting 7 trophies (Nov & Dec comps plus the prestigious Most Improved Player of 2014)
It is £4 members and £9 guests – bangers and mash or pie and peas


Why not check out some of our Club action :- See below

Paul Emmerson v Nigel Devereux

Premiership Singles Final

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPoBWyVwUco (Preview)
Any other Wolds Table Tennis Club videos can be found on both:

and www.youtube.com – just type in Capspread on the search tab.